Friday, 25.04.14
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P.S. is a weekly analytical and educational summarizing program, which focuses on politics, economics and social problems; the project also covers topical cultural issues. P.S. often reports on various international events related to Georgia.

Though the program has its staunch audience, the last public opinion poll showed that it is necessary to make it more attractive for the young Georgian viewers. The authors and producers take into account their interests also and one of the last tendencies is replacing political topics with reports on social problems.

Rustavi 2 presents Georgia and the whole world in the objective of P.S. every Sunday at 21:00.

Photo gallery  

P.S. - 20.04.14, live

juan abd Christine; Presidential Library; Georgian Post; Ten years in Europe; The second Wendy`s in Tbilisi; Naira Nachkhatishvili`s `Lamentations of the Virgin`; The Sistine Chapel Restaurateur video clip

P.S. - 13.04.14, live

Armed clashes in eastern Ukraine; Georgian society chooses Europe; Georgian Maidan; The new bank; 53rd school; Khudadovi str. 173, X Factor video clip

P.S. - 06.04.14, live

In the clutches of double-headed eagle; Religion and Politics; Anaklian port; Channel 25; A letter to dwellers; Landfills; Sothby`s video clip

P.S. - 30.03.14, live

Death of Special Forces` soldier; Panorama Tbilisi; Wrecked old Tbilisi; Violence story of Loti Kobalia; Georgian bodybuilder woman; Live report from Sotheby`s, London; Air race of the World Championship in Abu Dhabi video clip

P.S. - 23.03.14, live

Zhvania-Usupov`s case; Black cat in presidential residence; Ucha Mamatsashvili;; Financial Supervisory Service; TV ratings` crisis; Property declaration of Archil Khabadze; P.S. Mobil in Erisimedi; `Kargi Gogo` American style video clip

P.S. - 16.03.14, live

Referendum in Crimea; Live from Kiev; Russian tans; investigation of Agrarian University; Bad roads in Tbilisi; Promete`s discovery; Orhan Pamuk in Tbilisi; Preparations for Eurovision; TV premiere: `Mr Nanny` video clip

P.S. - 09.03.14, live

Situation in Crimea; Crimea in Wikileaks fortnetelling; A killed prisoner Contested Ratings; Strikes; Single mothers; Women`s Day; Soon I will Come as Rain video clip

P.S. - 02.03.14, live

Criema at the edge of War; Back in USSR; David Nikuradze`s live report from the USA regarding the latest events in Kiev; Natia Trapaidze`s live report from Kiev; My Wife`s Friends` - New Season; Nargis video clip

P.S. - 23.02.14, live

Our Special report from Kiev; Our Special report from Lvov; President at Parliament; Investigation or Violence; Problems of Sachkhere hospiral; McDonalds is 15; The way to the Church video clip

P.S. - 16.02.14, live

Politics Labirynth of Kutaisi; Irakli Shikhiashvili`s property declaration; Sakdrisi - a gold mine? Batumi Technical University; Samsung`s latest technology; St. Gabriel`s Grave; `Mephe`s Story`; 64th Berlinale video clip

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