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"Comedy Show" is sketch comedy series which premiered in 70ies in the USA and since then has become one of the highest-rated projects in the world. Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell and many others performed in this program at different times.

Likeable and unlike any other, it brings fresh, unique comedy and is recognized to be the funniest comic show ever done in Georgian Television. "Comedy Show" has crossed generational lines and made the culture of a younger audience available to their elders (and the opposite is also true).

The basic elements of the show are: 4 comic sketches, a guest's monologue and a music performance. The sketches make absolute fun of different political and social events.


Comedy Show - 21.09.14

Sketches: Hot Compot; pharmacy; school; rich people video clip

Comedy Show - 14.09.14

Sketches: Comedy Show clip; Kazantip; Levani`s Sister`s Show; Scary House video clip

Comedy Show - 03.08.14

Sketches: Zestaphoni Kavazza; Funeral Bureau; Mtvarisa in School; Folklore Ensemble Pkhaliauri video clip

Comedy Show - 20.07.14

Sketches: Fitness Club; In the Peephole of Passion; Butquna da Tamaza video clip

Comedy Show - 13.07.14

Sketches: three sisters; poets; Chainika video clip

Comedy Show - 06.07.14

Sketches: Boiling Show; Clown is ill; Lover video clip

Comedy Show - 29.06.14

Sketches: Bidzina in Chorvila; Marekh at a swimming pool; theatre strike video clip

Comedy Show - 22.06.14

Sketches: Elections; Mancho Ⅳ. Vake-Saburtalo fight; 90`ies School Gradution Party video clip

Comedy Show - 08.06.14

Sketches: little Vasiko; Mtvarisa in an airplane; Khaduri`s Delegation video clip

Comedy Show - 01.06.14

Sketches: rally `Decriminalization of Marijuana`; Tsismari and Nikolozi; Rustavi 2 - the 20-year anniversary video clip

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